Have a Sanitary Flight

The Valley News, “Have a Sanitary Flight”  August 24, 2011 “Anyone who’s traveled by airplane recently has experienced the result of the bean counting that has dominated the airline industry. Meals have been scaled back to snacks. Snacks are now just water. Planes are chronically overbooked and there are new baggage handling fees. In at … Continue reading

Locals Invent Hygienic Airline Tray Table Cover

The Vermont Standard, “Locals Invent Hygienic Airline Tray Table Cover,” August 25, 2011 “Traveling frequently for business and pleasure, Woodstock resident Jason Drebitko became frustrated by the increasing lack of cleanliness on airplanes. “Dirty diapers, airborne germs, used tissues containing bodily fluids and purses that have rested on the bathroom floor rest on the tray tables … Continue reading

For a Germ-Free Flight

Woodstock Magazine, “For a Germ-Free Flight”, September 19, 2011 “While airline meals may be a thing of the past, many carriers still offer a snack or a beverage. Today’s busy flight schedules often see planes leaving the gate within minutes of pulling in with the last load of passengers, which means there’s no time for cleaning. If … Continue reading

Protection from Traytable Germs and Microbes

Where to Go Next, “Protection from Traytable Germs and Microbes”, November 28, 2011 “If you thought airline, train or bus bathrooms were the primary source of health-challenging germs for travelers, think again. Did tray tables come to mind? Those harmlessly innocent looking devices are often filthy with hidden germs and microbes from contact with dirty diapers, … Continue reading

Safer Travels with TrayGuard Antimicrobial Tray Cover, A Potential Way To Prevent Getting Sick

Travelore Report, “Safer Travels with TrayGuard Antimicrobial Tray Cover, A Potential Way To Prevent Getting Sick”, November 26, 2011 “A combination of many factors including shorter turn-around on flights and reduction of cleaning maintenance  has created an environment that passengers are 100 more times more likely to catch a cold compared to everyday circumstances, confirmed by a … Continue reading

Germs Are Bad (Hour 2, Minute 7)

Rudy Maxa’s World Anne Banas, Executive Editor of, addresses myths about staying healthy while traveling abroad. – See more at:

Helping Kids Avoid Germs In Transit

Parenture, “Helping Kids Avoid Germs in Transit,” December 21, 2011 “Before having my daughter, I wasn’t much of a germaphobe. Even now, I don’t really mind if she shares her water bottle with a friend. Kids need to build up immunity, right? But planes are particularly dirty places. With grimy and gross surfaces that get cleaned … Continue reading

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