The Vermont Standard, “Locals Invent Hygienic Airline Tray Table Cover,” August 25, 2011
“Traveling frequently for business and pleasure, Woodstock resident Jason Drebitko became frustrated by the increasing lack of cleanliness on airplanes. “Dirty diapers, airborne germs, used tissues containing bodily fluids and purses that have rested on the bathroom floor rest on the tray tables on which we work, eat and sleep. Tray tables are filthy. With quick turnarounds and budget tightening, I was not surprised to read that on average, most airlines only deep clean their cabin interiors every 30 days,” says Drebitko.

…(Drebitko) teamed with friend and former colleague, Alexys Wilbur who was trained as an industrial designer. “We measured a lot of tray tables during the last year and a half. Functionality was key, but so was having an environmentally friendly product,” states Wilbur.

The fabric used in the product is made from 100% PET recycled bottles and employs natural silver and copper ion technology…(it) utilizes Fosshield®, the same antimicrobial technology as an FDA approved face mask used by health-care professionals to protect against microorganisms, body fluids and particulate materials during a medical emergency.

“The great thing about this product ” says Drebitko, “is that unlike wipes or gels that provide one-time, short-term protection and must be reapplied frequently, trayGUARD™+, provides a constant hygienic surface for the duration of your trip. It solves a real need and we are excited to bring trayGUARD™ + to the marketplace in time for flu season.”

trayGUARD has (also) been sized to fit a number of tray tray tables in other places (such as buses and trains). Drebitko and Wilbur are working on variations of trayGUARD™, and several other related travel products that incorporate similar technology.”

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