Where to Go Next, “Protection from Traytable Germs and Microbes”, November 28, 2011

“If you thought airline, train or bus bathrooms were the primary source of health-challenging germs for travelers, think again. Did tray tables come to mind? Those harmlessly innocent looking devices are often filthy with hidden germs and microbes from contact with dirty diapers, airborne germs, used tissues containing body fluids, purses that have rested on the bathroom floor. They’re also great targets for coughs and sneezes.

We naively pull them down, put our drinks and snacks on them, prop our books, tablets and laptops on them. Is it any wonder that illness often spoils a vacation or business trip?

Here’s a sensible aid in the antimicrobial fight – a tray table cover for personal use. Slip it on and relax, its fabric is a non-woven material made from recycled plastic bottles and uses a patented copper and ion technology to actively kill a number of potentially harmful microbes including the bacteria commonly found on tray tables.

Can be used multiple times, too. It’s TrayGuard, sold via http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00513COPU>Amazom.com A 2-pack is under $16.00.”

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