Travelore Report, “Safer Travels with TrayGuard Antimicrobial Tray Cover, A Potential Way To Prevent Getting Sick”, November 26, 2011

“A combination of many factors including shorter turn-around on flights and reduction of cleaning maintenance  has created an environment that passengers are 100 more times more likely to catch a cold compared to everyday circumstances, confirmed by a study in the Journal of Environmental Health. A new product called TrayGuard, an antimicrobial cover designed for fold down trays, can reduce your chances of getting sick. The product is chemical-free and food safe using a natural silver and copper ion technology activated by moisture in the environment and continually effective, a major advantage over wipes and gels that have to be reapplied frequently. TrayGuard is available on, currently for $15.95 for a reusable 2 pack.   For more information please go to”

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