About trayGUARD

trayGUARD+ is the food contact safe and chemical free antimicrobial tray cover that creates an instant hygienic surface while traveling

About trayGUARD+®: trayGUARD+®, protected by Fosshield®
• is protected by a patented antimicrobial technology incorporated into the fabric which has been tested and proven effective against a wide spectrum of microbes including bacteria, mold & fungi
• employs the same antimicrobial technology as an FDA and NIOSH approved face mask
• provides a constant hygienic surface for the duration of your trip as microbes continue to come into contact with it
• is continuously effective unlike wipes or gels that provide temporary, short-term protection and must
be reapplied frequently
• is food contact safe and incorporates chemical-free antimicrobial agent that uses natural silver and copper ion technology activated by the moisture in the environment
• is made in the USA from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles

the origin of trayGUARD

The idea of a disposable protective cover for an airline, bus and train tray table first came to co-founder Jason Drebitko while on a business trip to Los Angeles. Traveling frequently for business and pleasure, and reading about the challenges of staying healthy when traveling, an idea was born. With a wife who is also a physician and a germophobe, and two children, he and his family found themselves always trying to stay healthy and be preventative where possible. Although often working with a laptop on the airplane, he always hesitated to use the tray table as it was inevitably sticky and soiled with the last passenger’s food and who knows what else. It was then that he wished he had an antimicrobial cover that could slip over the tray and be disposed of when leaving the airplane. In developing the product, co-founders Jason Drebitko and Alexys Wilbur learned that not all antimicrobial fabrics are created equal. Extensive research led to sourcing the ideal fabric- a non-woven material made from recycled plastic bottles, which uses a patented copper and ion technology to actively kill a number of potentially harmful microbes including the bacteria commonly found on surfaces in shared public spaces.

about the founders

Jason Drebitko trayGUARD co-founder Jason Drebitko has wracked up thousands of air miles on his consulting assignments from coast to coast and abroad. His career has included management consulting, consumer behavior research, marketing, executive leadership, and business development, and he holds advanced degrees from both Harvard and Yale. While traveling with his children, Drebitko started to notice more and more the lack of cleanliness of airline tray tables, and developed trayGUARD+ to provide a clean and germ free surface for he and his family to work, eat and play while traveling.

Alexys Wilbur trayGUARD co-founder Alexys Wilbur has spent the last 10 years designing and marketing from within companies and as an independent consultant. She has worked on teams of designers, engineers, and business people to solve industry problems using an integrated approach. With this professional experience and an Industrial Design degree from Carnegie Mellon, she was inspired to start her own product development business that approaches design challenges with a multidisciplinary view. She developed trayGUARD as a way to bridge her interests in green design and answer her concerns as a new mother.

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