Allianz Travel Insurance “The Best Travel Gear for Fighting Germs” December 12, 2014

“Airplanes are dirty. One microbiologist’s investigation of eight flights found MRSA and norovirus on airline trays and E. coli in the bathrooms.

There are no industry-wide regulations on how well or how often planes must be cleaned, and while airlines tidy up between flights, there’s not enough time to wipe down surfaces or clean out the seat-back pockets. Because of the spread of Ebola in 2014, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have begun disinfecting planes that fly to and from western Africa, but that’s not the norm.

Your ticket price can affect how clean your seat is, too; according to the Wall Street Journal, Delta and United wipe down tray tables and windows between flights only in the first-class section.

What should you do when you sit in your (presumably filthy) plane seat? The easiest solution is to use disinfecting wipes on your tray table (top and bottom), armrests, TV-screen remote and any other hard surfaces. When you use the airplane bathroom, wash your hands thoroughly and use a paper towel to open the door.

Other types of travel gear help you avoid airplane germs by covering dirty surfaces…The trayGUARD is an antimicrobial cover for your airplane tray table.”