An Island Life, “trayGUARD offers peace of mind while traveling with kids,” October 26, 2011

“We just got back from a trip to Florida to see family and friends and of course to hit all the theme parks in Orlando. My kids are extremely lucky and have been on several flights to Florida already even at such a young age. Every time we fly I bring antibacterial wipes, antibacterial spray pens and regular wipes. Even though I try not to be one of those Mom’s who scrubs everything down, public places such as bathrooms and restaurants just grosses me out as I know no matter hard they clean germs are still lurking.

Just as I was packing for our trip, a Tray Guard review opportunity arose and I jumped at the chance as I knew my children would be using the airplane tray for their art and work activities as well as eating their snacks.

The Tray Guard is an antimicrobial tray table cover for airplanes that provides an instant hygenic surface while traveling. It is food contact safe and incorporates a chemical-free antimicrobial technology that is effective for the duration of your trip.  trayGUARD+ employs a patented antimicrobial fabric technology by FOSSHIELD®, which has been proven effective against a wide spectrum of microbes including bacteria, mold & fungi. It is made with the same antimicrobial technology used in an FDA and NIOSH approved face mask.

The thick material provided a nice cushion against the hard tray and I liked how it covered the underside of the tray as the tray had to be put up and down several times during the trip for bathroom breaks.  This product is a total thumbs up for me as a parent especially if the next generation tray guards offere fun patterns or even educational themes e.g. alphabet, numbers etc.. I may feel a bit self concious using it as a lone traveler but did you know A study in the journal of Environmental Health reports that passengers are more than 100 times likely to catch a cold on an airplane compared to everyday circumstances. I guess this explains the cold I came home with (ahem note to self to purchase a set for the whole family on next trip).

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