Denver Examiner, “New travel product: antimicrobial tray table cover,” November 9, 2011

It can be very exciting on a flight when they finally get around to the drinks and cookies (thanks Delta!). But a lot of travelers worry about putting their food or personal items on their tray tables as they can be quite dirty. If you’ve ever had a magazine stick to your table, you understand.

A company based in New England is creating a product that will ease your mind when traveling. TrayGUARD™+ is an antimicrobial cover that slips over the airline tray table and can be recycled when you deplane. The table cover is made of 100% PET recycled bottles and uses Fosshield® technology; the same technology found in FDA approved face masks. Fosshield® has been proven effective against a wide spectrum of microbes including bacteria, mold & fungi.

Jason Drebitko teamed up with industrial designer Alexys Wilbur to create the product. Drebitko said, “With quick turnarounds and budget tightening, I was not surprised to read that on average, many airlines only deep clean their cabin interiors every 30 days. TrayGUARD™+ provides a constant hygienic surface for the duration of your trip.”

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