Where to Go Next, “New England Company Introduces Antimicrobial Tray Table Cover To Bring Peace of Mind to Air Travelers,” November 10, 2011

In response to increasing media attention focused on germs and travel, and personal experience with a lack of cleanliness of shared surfaces while traveling, a New England company has created an antimicrobial tray table cover for personal use. Dirty diapers, airborne germs, used tissues containing bodily fluids, and purses that have rested on the bathroom floor, rest on the airline, bus and train tray tables on which we work, sleep and eat. “Tray tables are filthy. With quick turnarounds and budget tightening, I was not surprised to read that on average, many airlines only deep clean their cabin interiors every 30 days,” says frequent flier and company co-founder Jason Drebitko. Drebitko and industrial designer Alexys Wilbur, teamed up to launch trayGUARD™+, which blends antimicrobial performance with environmental consciousness, to allay germaphobic travelers’ fears. Now in production, trayGUARD™+ is making its debut before the start of flu season in the United States.

The concept for trayGUARD™+ was born from Drebitko’s desire to have an antimicrobial cover that could slip over an airline tray table, cover it completely, and be disposed of or ideally recycled when leaving the airplane. The fabric used in the product is made from 100% PET recycled bottles and employs natural silver and copper ion technology. In addition, the fabric from which trayGUARD™+ is made utilizes Fosshield®, the same antimicrobial technology as an FDA approved face mask used by health-care professionals to protect against microorganisms, body fluids and particulate materials during a medical emergency. Fosshield® has been proven effective against a wide spectrum of microbes including bacteria, mold & fungi.

“The great thing about this product ” says Drebitko, “is that unlike wipes or gels that provide one-time, short-term protection and must be reapplied frequently, trayGUARD™+, provides a constant hygienic surface for the duration of your trip. Most importantly, trayGUARD™+ provides peace of mind that you have at least one clean surface in your personal travel space. It is one more tool in a traveler’s kit.” trayGUARD™ + is currently available for direct and wholesale purchase via the website – trayguard.com and amazon.com, as well as selected retailers.

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