work. eat. play. worry-free.

Feel safe with the tray table cover that creates an instant food-safe and chemical-free barrier between you and your tray table.

trayGUARD® is here for you.

In the midst of a global pandemic, travelers have never been more aware of the importance of layers of protection. Even under normal circumstances, we know that tray tables are one of the germiest surfaces on airplanes. Airborne germs, used tissues containing bodily fluids, dirty diapers, and purses that have rested on the bathroom floor also touch the tray tables on which we eat, work, and play. 

trayGUARD® provides an instant hygienic barrier between passengers and germs that can be found on the tray table, and meets FDA food-safe guidelines.

Since 2012, trayGUARD® has been chosen by some of the most trusted travel brands. trayGUARD® has been highlighted by consumer travel expert, Rudy Maxa and has been featured in numerous media outlets including the Today Show and Newsweek. 

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